How to recover data from USB Flash Driver

Well with changing modes of media, the methods to store data are also changing. Depending upon the need, we store data in different storage devices like CD, DVD, USB flash drive, external hard drive, or even in cloud servers. USB drives in the near time have provided highly beneficial to carry large amounts of data easily, especially when they come up to 64 gigs these days. These portable media type is highly stable but various issues can lead to data loss. These can be human mistakes or at even logical errors.

Suppose, you have a flash drive in which you keep only those files which you use regularly. You saved data within it including some recent files which you haven’t copied to your hard drive yet. Since, it’s an official pen drive; you share it with others as well. Now, your colleague deleted the data thinking you don’t need it anymore or say formatted the drive. So, now what can you do apart from trying to lament and suppress your agony against him.


Thumb drives or flash drives are not exactly physical drives with space. All the space within them is electrical, nothing more than charged capacitors, just like RAM. It is charged with a tiny battery that trickle-charges whenever the drive is plugged in. When a file is deleted from it, the charge that holds it is removed and there is no trace left. So, it is far more difficult to get back data deleted from a pen drive.

If you face with issues such as:

  • Accidently deleted a file or folder from flash drive
  • Formatted the USB pen drive
  • Windows says, ‘hardware is not formatted, do you want to format it’

In such cases, there is still hope. Not much can you do manually like performing Windows hard drive recovery but you can resort to digital media recovery tools. You can rely upon a good USB flash drive data recovery program to retrieve files deleted, formatted or lost due to any reasons. You must ensure that the data contained in the files are not overwritten (by new data). This indicates you better immediately stop using the flash drive if you happen to have deleted some important folder accidently. If you keep adding files in it, you may ruin the chances of USB flash recovery.


Use Kernel for Digital Media Recovery software to easily recover data from USB drives. It not only support flash drives but all kind of USB drives such as Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Micro Drive, MMC Cards, XD Cards. With it, you can get back accidentally deleted data, data even when the drive has been formatted, and even if the file system has gone corrupt. It can also recover data from Secure Digital Card, Hard Disks, Zip Disks, SD Cards and Mini Disks. A free trial version is available to first ensure that the deleted data is available for recovery.  Click here ..

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    Bert Leen (Monday, 03 June 2013 06:06)

    Recently i was suffering for data loss problem then i tried Kernel for digital media recovery software, i am too happy to use this software it really great for me.....!