The need to have Lotus Notes to PDF Converter

There has always been a prevailing need to convert various file formats into PDF. Portable Document File is known for its mobility and security. The PDF files can be easily shared online with encryption applied on them. Users can download but refrain from modifying or copying the PDF. Moreover, PDF files allow file compression from the raw data been created, which is used to reduce the size of documents without any loss in quality.

For similar issues, users might wish to convert their NSF files into PDF file format. There are many reasons that could prompt you to convert NSF files into PDF format. Suppose, you are sales manager of a very reputed organization and you need to confirm a sales deal immediately. The important information regarding the deal is in the mailbox. Now, Lotus Notes is system specific, to get that information you need the specific system whereas, there is no time to go and get the computer having these emails. Even if you access the emails on your mobile, you would fail to open and show these emails.


Again, if the client does not have Lotus Notes and you wish to transfer some emails to his computer, how would you do that? Even if you succeed in transferring these emails, failure to read any data would only damage the situation. Many such instances lead to problems. Not that NSF is not good, but the absence of ease-of-use and feasibility with other systems may create trouble!


Converting entire mailbox including emails, notes, calendar entries, contacts, email properties and journal is not easy. It requires a set of technical skills and precision. However, third party Kernel for NSF to PDF software rectifies all such errors. The software is user friendly and simple to use. The utility provides centralized access to all Domino Server NSF files in a network or stored in a local system. Exporting multiple NSF files to PDF happens swiftly with this software.


This is must-have software for anyone dealing with NSF emails. The best part about this utility is its facility to make sharing Lotus Notes files to non-Lotus Notes users easy. All you need to do is browse that specific NSF files convert and preview the converted file. After the completion of this process, you may save the recovered file to the desired location as and when required.


The software is also available in free trial edition. The trial version of Kernel for Lotus Notes to PDF software allows users to know the features and facility of this utility before purchase. The trial version converts only first ten items of each folder in NSF file and the permission accessibility of PDF file cannot be modified. In order to avail complete benefits of this software, user must purchase complete product soon! Visit here -