Enjoy the ease of accessing your documents outside the Lotus environment

Lotus Notes is an efficient desktop client incorporated by numerous organizations for carrying out their social business smoothly and impeccably. Though, Lotus notes stands above all other applications of its type because of the broad range of functionality that it offers but still has one major loophole. That is, it necessarily needs domino server to be installed so that the user can access archives, mails, calendar, etc outside the Lotus environment.


On occurrence of any mishap such as server crash, the inaccessibility of data items outside the Lotus environment may cause hindrance in the work process of user. Another scenario that should be taken in concern is – Sometimes the work professionals like Advocates or business tycoons need to carry their important Lotus emails for meetings or for reference but the Lotus specific characteristic does not allow them to do so.

A sure shot solution to this major issue is conversion of Lotus notes to word by using third party software. It will provide mobility of documents and power of accessibility of the data items outside the Lotus notes specific environment. Before stepping forward to choose the software utility from the plethora available in the market, the user should make sure that the tool is compatible with the version of windows and Lotus Notes that has been installed on his system.


Furthermore, the software should be capable of keeping the accuracy of the documents intact thereby maintaining the integrity and consistency of data.


One such expeditious tool meeting all the requirements is Kernel for Lotus notes to Word. It facilitates the user by providing instant conversion of single, multiple and even the entire folder of NSF files in a single conversion cycle. With the help of this user friendly utility, user can save the converted file in simple text, rich text or RTF file format as per the requirement. Moreover, it automatically saves the converted NSF files in a separate folder thereby saving the time and manual efforts. For More information, please visit here - http://www.notestoword.com/

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