Two ways to perform Windows Data Recovery

Windows, in doubt is leading the market of operating systems. For the day, it was made public computer users prefer it. As soon as, a new version of Windows operating system is released, computer users rush to try the new version and experience the new features. Every time when Microsoft Corporation brings the new version of its Windows operating system, lots of promises are made about data security and privacy but still the problem of data loss due to operating system crash is at peak.

Almost every computer user needs to face sudden operating system crash once or more in his/her life. Sudden operating system crash leads to Windows data recovery, as data stored on different partitions in the hard disk become inaccessible when the Windows operating system is crashed. Moreover, the data stored in the logical drive become inaccessible forever; therefore, storing the important data on logical drive is always disallowed.

Even if you take precautions like shut down computer carefully, use anti-virus, etc operating system can be damaged anytime. After the Windows operating system has damaged, you need to take required steps like executing Windows Data Recovery, restoring backup, etc. to recover the lost data. Here, we are listing the two ways to recover lost data:

  • Use Backup: Are you habitual of creating backup? If your answer is yes, you are at the safe mode because by restoring the backup file, you will recover the lost data. In case, you do not have backup, you have to perform Windows Data Recovery.

  • Use Windows Data Recovery tool: Using the data recovery software is suggested only when you do not have backup of the lost data, as this is the costly process. You first need to buy a professional data recovery tool like Kernel for Windows Data Recovery and only after that you will be able to use it to recover the lost data.

How to use the Windows Data Recovery tool?

Listed below are the steps that will help using the Kernel for Windows software:

  1. Install the software on the computer where you want to perform data recovery.

  2. Detach the hard disk from the computer having damaged Windows operating system.

  3. Attach the hard disk to the system where Kernel for Windows data recovery software is installed.

  4. Now, launch the software.

  5. Select the hard disk partition to recover the lost data and start the scanning process.

Once the scanning process is started, you are suggested to wait until it is finished. Once the process is done, select the files and folders that you want to recover and save them on hard disk drive, pen drive, network drive, or any other storage location. The software supports all versions of Windows operating systems. read more