Why Should You Prefer Outlook Attachment Management Software?

Nowadays emails are a prominent means of data transfer. People mail all over the world and send important information within it either by text or attachments. These attachments can range from a doc file, excel file, PDF file, presentation, zipped files and etc. In conventional email clients these data are stored over the server but organizational email clients download and store them in your disk. MS Outlook is one such email client and you know PST is responsible for storing all your data. Most of the mails come with attachments but do you think you need to manage them. Yes, you do and read out to know why and how.

You must be aware that overgrown size of pst file causes a lot of issues. Since attachments can range from a few KBs to certain MBs, they immensely contribute to PST size. Therefore, removing attachments from those mails can add lots of extra life to your existing pst file. Again, attachments are linked with your mail, so next time when you need a word page or spreadsheet, you will have to search the mail, open the file and then save to use it. Why not already sort them out as per your needs. Moreover, your attachment might have come with some confidential information which you need to save from prying eyes, you did it but still the attachment can be accessed if you need to keep the mail. Well this can be sorted manually but if this is a repetitive case then it’s better to use a program.


Take help of an Outlook attachment management software. The Attachment Manager can automatically detach attachments and embedded images from your emails and save them to a file folder and then hyperlink them up within the email for easy reference and retrieval. This reduces your Inbox size thereby enhances Outlook performance and also removes the requirement for constantly archiving emails. You can detach attachments from emails to a global file folder, or optionally, choose a separate attachment folder at runtime. Also, it reattaches files back to the original email. It is a small tool but gets integrated with Outlook and works flawlessly.

Try Kernel for Outlook Attachment Management to experience one of the best attachment tools. It allows you to save files on your disk as well as on NAS drives. You can even password protect the attachments and apply presets to assure which attachments are saved. The best part, you can automatically compress and archive the attachments. Try this tool freely for 30 days period and experience the difference.