Resolving the “iPod is corrupt…” error

An Apple Inc. product, today, iPod has established itself as an excellent portable media player.


Sometimes it so happens that the iPod comes across error messages after which the only option left with you in order to rectify the error is to reset the iPod to its default settings. Once you have successfully restored the iPod, you can retrieve your lost, valuable data using a valid and clean iPod backup. However, in case of unavailability of a valid and clean iPod backup, you need to perform digital media recovery.

Let’s consider a practical scenario wherein when you plug in your iPod, it displays the following error message:


iPod is corrupt and needs to be restored or replugged”


After the above-mentioned error message appears, you can try to restore your iPod as suggested in the error message. However, when you try to do so, you further come across the below-mentioned error message:


iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1439)”


Once the aforesaid error message occurs, the data in the iPod becomes inaccessibleand there is a possibility of you losing upon your crucial and valuable data. Also, just in case you try to restore or replug your iPod, you come across the same error message.


The root cause behind the occurrence of the aforementioned error is corruption in iTunes.


Now that we know as to what is the primary cause behind the aforementioned error message, let’s focus on as to how to resolve the error.


You can rectify and resolve the aforementioned error messages by performing the following measures:

  • Update the latest version of iTunes in your iPod.

  • Format the iPod.

Formattingis a good option to resolve the error, however, there is one problem with formatting and that is formatting washes away all your previously stored data. In order to recover your valuable data, you may use the last, valid, and clean backup.


However, in case of unavailability of a valid backup or in case the backup does not work, you may use a professional and efficient digital media recovery tool to repair the damaged and corrupt iPod.


Kernel Recovery for iPod is a professional, comprehensive, and result-oriented digital media recovery tool that easily and flawlessly repairs the damaged and corrupt iPod files.