How to Migrate from Windows Mail to Outlook

EML or EMLX files are created when sending or receiving emails in Windows Live Mail, Windows mail, MS Outlook Express, Apple mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. It is not difficult to access emails in EML or EMLX format when using aforementioned email clients. However, if tried to open these emails in MS Outlook, you must export everything. One way is to drag and drop the email but that may lead to some data loss as well.

MS Outlook being one of the most liked email clients faces difficulty in accessing EML files. Moreover, it is easier to keep record, manage tasks, and create notes and journals in MS Outlook that makes it even more popular with personal or professional users.

In order to access emails from the EML format in MS Outlook, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook as well as Windows Live Mail
  2. Select Microsoft Exchange as the format and click Next
  3. A message is displayed that says all emails will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.
  4. To continue with the process, click OK
  5. It allows you to export all or selective folders for conversion
  6. After selecting appropriate option, click OK
  7. Wait for the process to complete
  8. Click Finish

By using these steps, you might succeed at times, but it requires a lot of time. The complete conversion depends on how many files you need to migrate. In order to perform quick and efficient Windows Mail to Outlook conversion, download and use Kernel for EML to PST Conversion software. It allows complete or selective file conversion based on criterion's such as To, From, Subject and Date. The tool performs quick conversion with minimum errors and maximum accuracy. Other than being easy to use and interactive, the software efficiently performs migration of multiple mailboxes to Outlook.

Numbers of email clients are available in market today, but not every tool ensures complete migration like Kernel for EML to PST Conversion software. Users who fail to convert Windows mail to Outlook must try the software. It is also available in free trial edition. For further information, you can visit and know more about the product :






How to recover data from USB Flash Driver

Well with changing modes of media, the methods to store data are also changing. Depending upon the need, we store data in different storage devices like CD, DVD, USB flash drive, external hard drive, or even in cloud servers. USB drives in the near time have provided highly beneficial to carry large amounts of data easily, especially when they come up to 64 gigs these days. These portable media type is highly stable but various issues can lead to data loss. These can be human mistakes or at even logical errors.

Suppose, you have a flash drive in which you keep only those files which you use regularly. You saved data within it including some recent files which you haven’t copied to your hard drive yet. Since, it’s an official pen drive; you share it with others as well. Now, your colleague deleted the data thinking you don’t need it anymore or say formatted the drive. So, now what can you do apart from trying to lament and suppress your agony against him.


Thumb drives or flash drives are not exactly physical drives with space. All the space within them is electrical, nothing more than charged capacitors, just like RAM. It is charged with a tiny battery that trickle-charges whenever the drive is plugged in. When a file is deleted from it, the charge that holds it is removed and there is no trace left. So, it is far more difficult to get back data deleted from a pen drive.

If you face with issues such as:

  • Accidently deleted a file or folder from flash drive
  • Formatted the USB pen drive
  • Windows says, ‘hardware is not formatted, do you want to format it’

In such cases, there is still hope. Not much can you do manually like performing Windows hard drive recovery but you can resort to digital media recovery tools. You can rely upon a good USB flash drive data recovery program to retrieve files deleted, formatted or lost due to any reasons. You must ensure that the data contained in the files are not overwritten (by new data). This indicates you better immediately stop using the flash drive if you happen to have deleted some important folder accidently. If you keep adding files in it, you may ruin the chances of USB flash recovery.


Use Kernel for Digital Media Recovery software to easily recover data from USB drives. It not only support flash drives but all kind of USB drives such as Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Micro Drive, MMC Cards, XD Cards. With it, you can get back accidentally deleted data, data even when the drive has been formatted, and even if the file system has gone corrupt. It can also recover data from Secure Digital Card, Hard Disks, Zip Disks, SD Cards and Mini Disks. A free trial version is available to first ensure that the deleted data is available for recovery.  Click here ..






The need to have Lotus Notes to PDF Converter

There has always been a prevailing need to convert various file formats into PDF. Portable Document File is known for its mobility and security. The PDF files can be easily shared online with encryption applied on them. Users can download but refrain from modifying or copying the PDF. Moreover, PDF files allow file compression from the raw data been created, which is used to reduce the size of documents without any loss in quality.

For similar issues, users might wish to convert their NSF files into PDF file format. There are many reasons that could prompt you to convert NSF files into PDF format. Suppose, you are sales manager of a very reputed organization and you need to confirm a sales deal immediately. The important information regarding the deal is in the mailbox. Now, Lotus Notes is system specific, to get that information you need the specific system whereas, there is no time to go and get the computer having these emails. Even if you access the emails on your mobile, you would fail to open and show these emails.


Again, if the client does not have Lotus Notes and you wish to transfer some emails to his computer, how would you do that? Even if you succeed in transferring these emails, failure to read any data would only damage the situation. Many such instances lead to problems. Not that NSF is not good, but the absence of ease-of-use and feasibility with other systems may create trouble!


Converting entire mailbox including emails, notes, calendar entries, contacts, email properties and journal is not easy. It requires a set of technical skills and precision. However, third party Kernel for NSF to PDF software rectifies all such errors. The software is user friendly and simple to use. The utility provides centralized access to all Domino Server NSF files in a network or stored in a local system. Exporting multiple NSF files to PDF happens swiftly with this software.


This is must-have software for anyone dealing with NSF emails. The best part about this utility is its facility to make sharing Lotus Notes files to non-Lotus Notes users easy. All you need to do is browse that specific NSF files convert and preview the converted file. After the completion of this process, you may save the recovered file to the desired location as and when required.


The software is also available in free trial edition. The trial version of Kernel for Lotus Notes to PDF software allows users to know the features and facility of this utility before purchase. The trial version converts only first ten items of each folder in NSF file and the permission accessibility of PDF file cannot be modified. In order to avail complete benefits of this software, user must purchase complete product soon! Visit here -





Enjoy the ease of accessing your documents outside the Lotus environment

Lotus Notes is an efficient desktop client incorporated by numerous organizations for carrying out their social business smoothly and impeccably. Though, Lotus notes stands above all other applications of its type because of the broad range of functionality that it offers but still has one major loophole. That is, it necessarily needs domino server to be installed so that the user can access archives, mails, calendar, etc outside the Lotus environment.


On occurrence of any mishap such as server crash, the inaccessibility of data items outside the Lotus environment may cause hindrance in the work process of user. Another scenario that should be taken in concern is – Sometimes the work professionals like Advocates or business tycoons need to carry their important Lotus emails for meetings or for reference but the Lotus specific characteristic does not allow them to do so.

A sure shot solution to this major issue is conversion of Lotus notes to word by using third party software. It will provide mobility of documents and power of accessibility of the data items outside the Lotus notes specific environment. Before stepping forward to choose the software utility from the plethora available in the market, the user should make sure that the tool is compatible with the version of windows and Lotus Notes that has been installed on his system.


Furthermore, the software should be capable of keeping the accuracy of the documents intact thereby maintaining the integrity and consistency of data.


One such expeditious tool meeting all the requirements is Kernel for Lotus notes to Word. It facilitates the user by providing instant conversion of single, multiple and even the entire folder of NSF files in a single conversion cycle. With the help of this user friendly utility, user can save the converted file in simple text, rich text or RTF file format as per the requirement. Moreover, it automatically saves the converted NSF files in a separate folder thereby saving the time and manual efforts. For More information, please visit here -






Two ways to perform Windows Data Recovery

Windows, in doubt is leading the market of operating systems. For the day, it was made public computer users prefer it. As soon as, a new version of Windows operating system is released, computer users rush to try the new version and experience the new features. Every time when Microsoft Corporation brings the new version of its Windows operating system, lots of promises are made about data security and privacy but still the problem of data loss due to operating system crash is at peak.

Almost every computer user needs to face sudden operating system crash once or more in his/her life. Sudden operating system crash leads to Windows data recovery, as data stored on different partitions in the hard disk become inaccessible when the Windows operating system is crashed. Moreover, the data stored in the logical drive become inaccessible forever; therefore, storing the important data on logical drive is always disallowed.

Even if you take precautions like shut down computer carefully, use anti-virus, etc operating system can be damaged anytime. After the Windows operating system has damaged, you need to take required steps like executing Windows Data Recovery, restoring backup, etc. to recover the lost data. Here, we are listing the two ways to recover lost data:

  • Use Backup: Are you habitual of creating backup? If your answer is yes, you are at the safe mode because by restoring the backup file, you will recover the lost data. In case, you do not have backup, you have to perform Windows Data Recovery.

  • Use Windows Data Recovery tool: Using the data recovery software is suggested only when you do not have backup of the lost data, as this is the costly process. You first need to buy a professional data recovery tool like Kernel for Windows Data Recovery and only after that you will be able to use it to recover the lost data.

How to use the Windows Data Recovery tool?

Listed below are the steps that will help using the Kernel for Windows software:

  1. Install the software on the computer where you want to perform data recovery.

  2. Detach the hard disk from the computer having damaged Windows operating system.

  3. Attach the hard disk to the system where Kernel for Windows data recovery software is installed.

  4. Now, launch the software.

  5. Select the hard disk partition to recover the lost data and start the scanning process.

Once the scanning process is started, you are suggested to wait until it is finished. Once the process is done, select the files and folders that you want to recover and save them on hard disk drive, pen drive, network drive, or any other storage location. The software supports all versions of Windows operating systems. read more





Why Should You Prefer Outlook Attachment Management Software?

Nowadays emails are a prominent means of data transfer. People mail all over the world and send important information within it either by text or attachments. These attachments can range from a doc file, excel file, PDF file, presentation, zipped files and etc. In conventional email clients these data are stored over the server but organizational email clients download and store them in your disk. MS Outlook is one such email client and you know PST is responsible for storing all your data. Most of the mails come with attachments but do you think you need to manage them. Yes, you do and read out to know why and how.

You must be aware that overgrown size of pst file causes a lot of issues. Since attachments can range from a few KBs to certain MBs, they immensely contribute to PST size. Therefore, removing attachments from those mails can add lots of extra life to your existing pst file. Again, attachments are linked with your mail, so next time when you need a word page or spreadsheet, you will have to search the mail, open the file and then save to use it. Why not already sort them out as per your needs. Moreover, your attachment might have come with some confidential information which you need to save from prying eyes, you did it but still the attachment can be accessed if you need to keep the mail. Well this can be sorted manually but if this is a repetitive case then it’s better to use a program.


Take help of an Outlook attachment management software. The Attachment Manager can automatically detach attachments and embedded images from your emails and save them to a file folder and then hyperlink them up within the email for easy reference and retrieval. This reduces your Inbox size thereby enhances Outlook performance and also removes the requirement for constantly archiving emails. You can detach attachments from emails to a global file folder, or optionally, choose a separate attachment folder at runtime. Also, it reattaches files back to the original email. It is a small tool but gets integrated with Outlook and works flawlessly.

Try Kernel for Outlook Attachment Management to experience one of the best attachment tools. It allows you to save files on your disk as well as on NAS drives. You can even password protect the attachments and apply presets to assure which attachments are saved. The best part, you can automatically compress and archive the attachments. Try this tool freely for 30 days period and experience the difference.





Resolving the “iPod is corrupt…” error

An Apple Inc. product, today, iPod has established itself as an excellent portable media player.


Sometimes it so happens that the iPod comes across error messages after which the only option left with you in order to rectify the error is to reset the iPod to its default settings. Once you have successfully restored the iPod, you can retrieve your lost, valuable data using a valid and clean iPod backup. However, in case of unavailability of a valid and clean iPod backup, you need to perform digital media recovery.

Let’s consider a practical scenario wherein when you plug in your iPod, it displays the following error message:


iPod is corrupt and needs to be restored or replugged”


After the above-mentioned error message appears, you can try to restore your iPod as suggested in the error message. However, when you try to do so, you further come across the below-mentioned error message:


iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1439)”


Once the aforesaid error message occurs, the data in the iPod becomes inaccessibleand there is a possibility of you losing upon your crucial and valuable data. Also, just in case you try to restore or replug your iPod, you come across the same error message.


The root cause behind the occurrence of the aforementioned error is corruption in iTunes.


Now that we know as to what is the primary cause behind the aforementioned error message, let’s focus on as to how to resolve the error.


You can rectify and resolve the aforementioned error messages by performing the following measures:

  • Update the latest version of iTunes in your iPod.

  • Format the iPod.

Formattingis a good option to resolve the error, however, there is one problem with formatting and that is formatting washes away all your previously stored data. In order to recover your valuable data, you may use the last, valid, and clean backup.


However, in case of unavailability of a valid backup or in case the backup does not work, you may use a professional and efficient digital media recovery tool to repair the damaged and corrupt iPod.


Kernel Recovery for iPod is a professional, comprehensive, and result-oriented digital media recovery tool that easily and flawlessly repairs the damaged and corrupt iPod files.